Welcome to C’est La Mode!

C’est La Mode EP, Annie Philippe, 1966. Courtesy of Discogs.com

C’est La Mode is a celebration of the eclectic music of the 1960s! Pop, soul, Motown, mod, girl groups, ye-ye French pop and more! I regularly shine a spotlight on some of my favorite artists including:

  • The Supremes
  • Dusty Springfield
  • Sandie Shaw
  • Sylvie Vartan
  • Francoise Hardy
  • Johnny Hallyday
  • The Small Faces

I’ll assemble play lists of not only hits, but also misses and deeper cuts by these artists and others. I may also highlight films, fashion and other pop culture bits from the era.

My name is Rob and I’m a Cleveland native currently living in Southern Florida. The “C’est La Mode” blog is inspired by the radio show of the same name that I hosted for nearly three consecutive years on legendary WRUW FM 91.1 Cleveland, broadcasting from Case Western Reserve University. I’ve had a passion for the music, culture and fashion of the 1960s since I was nine years old!

In the meantime, here’s a taste of some ’60s French Pop from Annie Philippe, singing the song that inspired the title of this blog!  Dig the opening DJ announcement, plus the groovy dancers!