Can’t Get this Quirky Song Out of My Head!

I can’t help myself! YouTube is a treasure trove for quirky ’60s French Pop and Rock. Check out the video below of “La Bise Aux Hippies” (Kiss the Hippies) written by the legendary Serge Gainsbourg and performed by Sacha Distel and Brigitte Bardot on what I’m guessing is a Distel TV special (he was kind of like a French version of Andy Williams).  Awesome bass line!

Gainsbourg could be considered the king of ’60s French Pop, or at least one of its chief composers. Originally a jazz singer/songwriter, he made his mark in the 1950s penning tunes for Gallic songbirds like Juliet Greco and Michele Arnaud. In 1964, he teamed up with French Ye-Ye star France Gall, crafting some of the singer’s most memorable tunes, including “Ne’ecoute Pas Les Idoles” and L’aisse Tomber Les Filles.”